Happy Thanksgiving

We are headed to the frozen tundra of western New York for the holiday weekend! In addition to lots of snacks and a stack of books (for me!), we have packed the following to pass the time during the trip....

1 DVD player
3 laptop computers
6 iPods
3 Gameboys
3 digital cameras

Unbelievable! How did I ever survive all those long trips in the Pontiac Bonneville station wagon with just one of those car bingo games and my siblings to entertain me?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy!


Michelle said...

Perhaps the real question is, "How did our MOMS survive?"

The first rooad trip we took with our children with a DVD player was the first time I didn't end up in tears!

Adam said...

Patch the Pirate and Hooked on Classics.

jodie said...

Long live the cemetery game, license plates contest and alphabet search!!!

Megan said...

Hey Jen - I just tried emailing you about the tea wallets, but my email bounced back. Can you email me directly? I think my address will come through with this comment.