Just for the record......

I have never moderated my comments nor do I intend to start now. I did however remove the "Anonymous" comments option. You are welcome to disagree with me but the very least you can do is admit who you are and stand up for your view for goodness sake.

I will not, however, tolerate foul and crude language. You can speak your piece without including that. That part of your "lovely" post I did delete.

Comment away.................


met said...

My name is Mary.
I am not a coward in anyway. Interesting that you called me a name, as that is what your endorsed candidate loves to do.

Funnier to me was your "quote" of "Lovely" . Really, that made me laugh as McCain loves to do the air quote...

Wasn't thinking of anything but my thoughts on your site when I first posted, hence the anonymous post.

I welcome your debate.

ANd - I did not use foul langauage. Please allow me to tell your readers:

I spelled out a word that McCain used on his 2nd wife. I did not write the full word.

met said...

One other comment -
By taking the anonymous option away, some people may not comment, as they may not have nor want a blog of their own...

Just a thought.

You did keep an anonymous comment on the first thread that I responded to- one that agreed with you.

Jen said...

I kept your anonymous comment too Mary! I could have deleted it, like you assumed I would. You didn't have to come back and say who you were. I left the comment either way.

Kinda wondering why you bother reading my blog if it bothers you so much??

met said...

I happened by your blog through another.
I enjoy reading about families and your blog is nicely done.

Please be clear on this: I am not bothered by your blog. In fact, it is of no consequence to me.

I simply commented on your post, as that is what blog readers do.

Kim said...

Well. I must say, I am tad bit jealous. For all my posting about this election I could not solicit a single solitary Obama follower.

This was a very exciting exchange and I applaude you Jen, as well as your friend on the previous post (Bruce) because he stole the words right out of my mouth!

Mary is right. McCain will most likely lose.

But he won't be the only one.

Thanks for speaking the truth Jen. This election has been eye-opening in so many ways.