Make Wise Choices........

One of our favorite sayings at the VeStrands is "Make wise choices." Unfortunately, when our kids (often!) choose unwisely, we have to follow that up with "Choices have consequences." But that's another post!

I know, like me, most of you parents have MANY days (probably many more than we'd care to admit) where you wonder if all your kids hear is the voice of that teacher on Charlie Brown. You know, "Wah wah wah". Then, every once in a while, God gives you a moment where you realize that something really IS getting through. I had one of those moments today.

Recently, Sawyer had a class assignment to draw a picture/comic of himself making a wise choice. Now, according to his teacher, most kids drew themselves choosing to share toys or not swipe their siblings.

But, not MY cherub! (cough, cough) Sawyer's drawing was of a girl and a boy talking to one another. The conversation "bubbles" read like this:

Boy: Hi, I want to marry you. Are you a christian?
Girl: Well, no, I'm not.
Boy: Oh, sorry then. I'll have to marry someone else.

Once I stopped giggling, I happily realized that yes, we are getting through at times. And, out of all the wise choices I hope Sawyer makes, who he will marry is almost at the top of my list!


Amy said...

That is great! And, hilarious!

Kelsey said...

Hilarious! I love that kid!

Monica said...

Even though the comments are off on the post above this one, I just had to say, that my husband and I are going to deeply miss W....I hope history will paint him accurately ...the media never did. I think he is a one of the greatest, most humble, most honest men we have ever had in office.