Quote of the Day........

My mom and dad came down this weekend to see the boys play basketball. Unfortunately, Payton's game was cancelled at the last minute, but Sawyer made 16 points in his game!!!! It was great to see them. I'm glad we are close enough that they can come down for a quick overnight and see the kids participate in various activities. (Not to mention, they bring us goodies from PA that we can't get down here! Thanks mom!)

Anyway, yesterday morning as we were sitting around before Sawyer's game, Payton asked my mom a question:

Payton: Grammy, how old are you? (Obviously we need to work on manners a bit more!)
Grammy: I'll be 65 in June.
Payton: Are you a senior citizen?
Grammy: Yes I am.
Payton: Wow! I wish I was a senior citizen. You guys get discounts on EVERYTHING!


jodie said...

When I was a kid my grandma had a rather large midsection. One day while eating an apple she showed us how she would eat the entire thing...core, seeds and all. So, exhibiting my best manners, I said, "Is that why you're so fat? Do you have an apple tree growing in your belly?"
Good thing she loved me.

Kim said...

Butterin' up Grandma ... what a boy! You know he is a smooth talker when he makes Grammy feel like being a senior citizen is something to covet ;)

*Michigan Momma* said...

Hi, Lori from Michigan Momma here ~ thanks for visiting my blog. I'm just checking ya out (meant in the best way possible, of course - ha!). Love your background and having fun checking out some of your older posts!!

I'll be back~
Nice to "meet" ya~