Plays, projects, and perennials.....oh my!!

It's been a busy month at the VeStrands. It began with Brooke's AMAZING performance in "Les Mis", then Jeff's dad came to town to help with the basement renovation, we visited DC with dear friends over spring break, and this past weekend, we spent MUCH time in the yard, weeding, mowing, etc. How is it that this big yard didn't seem near as daunting last fall when we moved in!?!?! Enjoy!


Marzola Happenings said...

your pictures are great!! the lawn tractor is a nice look for sawyer. haha.
thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Brooke was completely amazing. Great pictures. I LOVE the Harry Potter closet!

Anonymous said...

Lots going on as always. I'm glad I have yur blog to kep in the know.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Whoops,sorry about the typing error. I do know how to spell your.

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures of all!!!!

Dave Baldwin said...

What a great family. Glad you guys are a part of LifePoint!