"A" is for.......

A is for Australia--the land down under where Jeff and I fell in love. It will always be one of my favorite places on earth. Maybe someday we'll get to go back as husband and wife.

A is for Amie and Adam--my sister and brother. I love them--and their families--dearly, and I am very thankful that, after the typical sibling angst and rivalry, etc, we enjoy close relationships and always have a great time when we're together. I wish I got to see them more.

A is for Autumn--my favorite season. But of course you all knew that!

A is for Attempt--that is, my first real attempt at gardening this summer. I have planted more perennials (love those things!) and annuals than I care to think about and even made my first attempt at container gardening--tomatoes, cucumbers, and red peppers. So far, they are doing well. Keeping my fingers crossed....

A is for Advice--a dear friend called today and asked me to meet her tomorrow for lunch. She needs to talk and wants some advice. I am humbled and grateful that she called. I am prayerful that I can be an encouragement to her--and maybe, just maybe, impart some "wisdom" or, at the very least, a hug.

A is for "Alleluia"--as in Mozart's famous piece. You can listen to a beautiful rendition here. It is, without a doubt, the most difficult piece I have ever performed, but I loved it! (Although the practice hours were not quite so lovely!) I still catch myself singing it often, and it's been 20 years! Good college memories!

A is for Anticipation--Jeff and I are going to the Hillsong United concert next Monday night with a group of friends from church. I can't wait!! If you're going too, we'll be the group of old folks praising and worshiping in Row 19!! Much to her relief, Brooke will be more than a few rows in front of us!!

And finally...

A is for Acquire--as in, I have acquired a few items for the contest prize and they are Awesome, Amazing, and Ample, too. I hope you entered. If not, I cannot be responsible for your envy and unhappiness!

Happy Friday everyone!


Busy Mama said...

Ok - so I tried to post on yesterday's post - you know, the BIG CONTEST - and it wouldn't let me!!! Bummer - I missed out - but love to read your blog anyway!! AND I'll still Twitter about it!! :)

Denise Kay said...

Man, oh, man...I missed out on the BIG contest too. That's what I get for missing a couple of days. Anyway, just wanted to say that I do enjoy reading your blog. You have a great sense of humor (which you passed along to your boys) and are very insightful. Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts with us. I love the post today too..."A" Does this mean you are going through the entire alphabet?? :-) Denise

Anonymous said...

Great post, Jen. Love you too. :)

Your loving sister!