C is for.........

C is for chocolate - If you've been visiting here for any length of time, you know that I love chocolate in pretty much ANY way, shape, or form. Hershey's is my favorite, hands down. I have tried lots of others--even fancy, foreign varieties and I always come back to Hershey's. And it must be milk chocolate. Never dark, which is supposedly better for me, naturally. Ick

C is for Cedarville - Cedarville is my alma mater. I spent four wonderful years there. I made friends for life and met my husband there. I highly recommend it, you know, if you happen to be college shopping........like we are.

C is for Christian - I am humbled and blessed to declare that I am a child of God. Saved only by his amazing grace and the gift of his Son, who died on the cross so that I could "glorify God and enjoy him forever."

C is for Clutter - I am clutter-phobic. If clutter could be an allergen, I would react violently. On my bad days, I truly believe clutter is a disease. I cannot abide it. My lack of forbearance for clutter has gotten me into trouble at various times--several of my children's teachers have received apology notes from me because I threw out a very "important and necessary" school paper. Sigh..........

C is for church - Just two short years ago, we walked into Lifepoint Church wounded and hurting, wondering what God had in store for us. In that time, we have come to know true friendship, authentic christianity, and an amazing group of people. We are truly grateful and blessed.

C is for community group - Ours is THE best community group ever. We have been meeting for just a year, but I cherish our Sunday nights together and enjoy the laughter, the tears, the prayers, and the privilege to BE the body of Christ to those in our group. God is good!

C is for CHAOS - Last, but certainly not least, our life has been chaotic lately, as clearly evidenced by the severe lack of blogging. We returned from Jeff's parents yesterday, and we are home for the duration. Today we inventoried school supplies and school uniforms in between answering e-mails and doing laundry. As always, I *think* life will settle down, but I've learned not to make any promises. I do know that in four short weeks, the kids and Jeff will head back to school and my days will be A LOT quieter and hopefully, A LOT more productive too!


Sandy said...

4 short WEEKS? Sigh...I WISH! I have to go back next Thursday...UGH...I wanna start summer over again!

Gina Ulfa said...

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