Happy Birthday Sydney!

Although it's hard to believe, today is Sydney's 14th birthday! Sydney is our tiny and beautiful bundle of energy. She is reliable, organized, and responsible. If you want/need something done and done right, Sydney is your "man". She can (and does!) command small armies of rowdy, tired children with ease. She is a huge hit with those rowdy, tired children in the church nursery every week. Her nurturing side is very evident when she is with them. She is also an amazing babysitter. If you need one, give her a call.

Sydney is a loyal friend and sibling. She loves our pets dearly and, sometimes, treats them better than those aforementioned siblings (ahem....). She loves cheerleading and has been a willing "flyer" (all you cheerleaders know what that means) on the tops of those cheerleader pyramids for several years. We keep telling her that her petiteness really is an asset! Recently, she has shown amazing aptitude for Dutch Blitz, which, in this family, is a highly prized ability!

Just two short weeks from today, Sydney will enter high school. It's almost surreal to me that I have not one, but TWO, high schoolers. How did that happen? We are so excited for Sydney and the opportunities that await her. We know that God will use her energy and determination and all of her amazing gifts for HIS glory! We love you sweet Sydney, and we are proud to be your mom and dad.

Happy, happy birthday!


Steph said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sydney!! Isabella made you something and you should get it soon!

Adam said...

Love that picture! Happy Birthday, Sydney. :)

Becky said...

OK...I'm a little late commenting on this post. I love that picture! Sydney...you are beautiful. I can't believe you are 14. It just doesn't seem possible.

Gina Ulfa said...

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