"Hair" you go....

This is how Sawyer began the day. Please excuse the blurry cell phone picture!

This is how he looked by lunchtime!

I LOVE it! But I'm pretty sure my very handsome littlest boy is all grown up! (sniff, sniff)

P.S. If you listen real hard, I'm pretty sure you'll hear certain grandparents greatly rejoicing!! :-)


Becky said...

So handsome! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with Becky, very handsome and much older looking.


Laurel said...

He's so handsome!! And older looking, but what can you do about the march of time? If you figure that one out, please let me know.

p.s. My husband has a deep love for corn fritters, which I have never eaten nor cooked. Would you mind terribly passing along your recipe? I would love to surprise him with some really good ones. If it's not a family secret that is. my email: tlwicke@cox.net. If it is a secret, that's okay, but I may have to invite ourselves over for dinner one day. :0)

Anonymous said...

Great hair, Sawyer.
Love, Grammy

Kerry said...

nice looking kid :-) My 12 yo son this week had his sister do his hair TWICE, asked his sister if his outfit looked good and requested some other fashion type advice... oh boy... now I'll have two of them... (teens that is)