Some Holiday Linkage Love........

Oy!  It's busy at our house!  I am actually all done shopping, mostly done wrapping, have made a batch of 150 buckeyes, 3 batches of reindeer noses, and 7 batches of various Christmas cookie dough that are all in the freezer and just waiting to be popped into the oven.  Not sure why it still seems crazy busy!  Oh........maybe it's the christmas parties, gift exchanges, (while our government is sticking its nose into everything else, I wish they would ban childhood $5 gift exchanges!  I don't like buying the junk and I hate even more receiving the junk!  ugh......) holiday programs, etc.

It's a good busy, but I haven't sat down very much lately!  Except, of course, to check e-mail and blogs!  Somehow, I always seem to find time for that, not always a wise use of my time, I realize.  However, in my "time wasting activities", I've found some fun sites that I thought might be practical and enjoyable for you too as we head into the frantic few days before Christmas.  Enjoy!
  • This is one of my favorite new blogs!  If you enjoy giving homemade Christmas gifts, this post will give you LOADS of yummy ideas!

  • Hate paying for all those Christmas music downloads?  These ladies have been highlighting many FREE holiday song downloads from amazon.com.   Be sure to scroll down for the entire list!

  • Now you all know how I feel about scrapbooking.  I get hives just thinking about it.  But this  generous digital scrapbooking blogger is offering these free recipe cards and gift tags that just might be the perfect accompaniment to those homemade gifts you all are going to be whipping up. 

  • If you're still in the market for some last-minute, frugal gifts, check this out!  There are some great titles at GREAT prices. 

  • If all your gifts are bought, cookies are baked, and candies are made but you're at a loss for how to package them, I have the answer for you!  This site is AMAZING!  You will find anything and everything you need for fun seasonal packaging, wrapping, etc.  The prices are pretty amazing too and if you can find a friend to split your order with, it will be even cheaper.

  • A dear friend introduced me to these last weekend and they are so fun!  I ordered some for Jeff's class and I think the kids will LOVE them!  And, I must admit, my friend and I had lots of fun with her set the other night too!

  • I can't begin to imagine actually living like this............or dusting it but, oh, it's fun to look at! 

  • Finally, if you haven't seen this movie yet this year or........horror of horrors........ever (gasp!), go to Target and buy a copy (you'll want to own it, trust me), gather the kids, pop some popcorn, make some hot chocolate, and WATCH it.  You will belly laugh! And you won't shoot your eye out, I promise!  THE. BEST. HOLIDAY. MOVIE. EVER. PERIOD! 
Merry Christmas!


Steph said...

ok I'm still trying to figure out why YOU were on a scrapbooking site!!??

Dave Baldwin said...

Hey thanks for all the links and newsy news. Hope to see you all on Christmas Eve.

Gina Ulfa said...

very good !
Walatra G Sea