So here we are........it's January 4th already.  It's been four days since you made your resolutions.  I hope it hasn't been three days since you broke them!

In the keepin' it real category, I have gone back and forth over the past few weeks about even making resolutions.  They are ALL. OVER. the blogging world (if you're out there reading blogs that actually post occasionally!) and I couldn't decide if I wanted to get on the bandwagon or not.  In the end, I decided that my decision had nothing to do with getting on some perceived "bandwagon" and everything to do with my fear of failure and not wanting to make myself accountable, thereby leaving room for me to fail by January 2nd with no one being the wiser!

But, in the end, I have decided that I need the accountability.  And what better place to be accountable than here in front of all three of my readers? Really, I need to write these things down for myself - as a reminder of what I wanted to accomplish this year.  I know I will need it in June when things are crazy and I'm sweltering hot and a long summer is staring me smack in the face (because we all know how much I love summer.  ick!)  So I am going to share my resolutions with you--starting tomorrow, of course!!   I'm actually thinking of making a riddle or game of some sort and seeing if you can guess them.  But I need to sleep on that.  Gee...I'm terribly indecisive these days.

See you tomorrow!