Got Mustard?

Each year, the boys' school hosts the Scholastic Book Fair, complete with numerous contests, opportunities to buy books, book browsing times, opportunities to buy books, lots of fun decor throughout the school, opportunities to buy books.......you get the idea.

The most anticipated contest of the week is normally the Friday dress up contest.  The students are allowed to dress up according to the book fair theme for the year and then each teacher chooses the best costume in his or her class and those students win a small prize.

This year's book fair theme was "50s Diner" and so the students were required to dress up in either 50s-style clothing or as an item that would be found in a diner.   Now, somehow, I managed to have four children who enjoy dressing up for every. single. ridiculous. dress up. opportunity. that comes down the pike.  They most certainly did NOT get this penchant from me.  Not only do I not enjoy dressing up but I do not enjoy helping them dress up.  (Yes, this would be another notch in my non-existent "Mother of the Year" belt.)

Anyway, Sawyer searched our carefully-labeled "Costume" Rubbermaid container in vain for any 50s clothing and quickly decided he was going to have to be creative all on his own.  And I would say he succeeded!  He spent hours cutting, gluing, measuring, etc. and came up with a winning costume!!!  When I walked through the study and saw him sprawled on the floor, surrounded by yellow scraps of paper, staring intently at the mustard bottle, I wondered (briefly) what was going on.  But he was happy and quiet and the mustard bottle was closed tightly.  No need for alarm!

I thought his end product was pretty darn good.  And so did Mrs. Jackson, his teacher!  He won for "Best Costume" in his class.  Way to go Sawyer!


Becky said...

That is awesome!! I love it. Way to go, Sawyer.

Stephanie said...

that kid ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Jen, did he get his smarts from his Dad? Don

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful costume, Sawyer. I wish you had been around when my kids were little. Congratulations on winning.

Love, Grammy

Laurel said...

That is clever! Love kids with great imaginations.

Gina Ulfa said...

very good !
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