Hell-th Care

We are over-the-top busy around here (as evidenced by the pitiful lack of blogging) with church retreats, The Sound of Music, visiting family, NCAA brackets, and trying to enjoy some of the beautiful weather. But we haven't been too busy to closely follow the mess that our government (on both sides of the aisle, mind you) is about to make out of health care.

Heard this poem on the radio yesterday, and it made me laugh out loud. Although, it's really a sad commentary on our nation right now. Read on and when you're done, for goodness sake, get on the horn and call your representatives and let them know you feel! It's your right and your privilege--take advantage of it. Go here to see where he/she stands on this issue and then go here to find out how to make your voice heard.

'Twas the eve of state health care, and all through the House
The bill was unread, even by the head louse.
The statists hung ’round with a faux-festive air,
Hoping their awful “dream” would indeed soon be there.
The USA’s children were snug in their beds,
Unaware of the pain being laid on their heads.
Everyday people opposed to this crap,
Wondered when or if D.C.’s hypnosis would snap.
When out from O’s House there arose such a clatter,
‘Twas the President’s flacks and their usual chatter.
They showed docs in white coats supporting this trash,
Using children as props as they threw around cash.
The Speaker stood forth for her part in the show,
“It will be when we pass it that you’ll get to know,
“It will be when we pass it that you’ll get to know,
The wonders we’re bringing that statists will cheer,
Creating more wards who’ll elect us for years.”
They were led by a punk, not so lively or slick,
Who knew that to pass it the thing must go quick.
For this speed the protests and polls were to blame,
So he called out supporters and hailed them by name:
“Axelrod, Zeke the Bleak,
Plouffe and Michelle!
Pelosi and Reid,
Now unleash health care hell!


Jeanne S. said...

What a nightmare!!!

Gina Ulfa said...

very good !
Walatra G Sea