Isn't she lovely?

Brooke's final senior prom was this past Saturday.  After a few days of eyebrow waxing, fingernail painting, makeup applying, hair styling, and dress lacing, she was absolutely beautiful!  And, most importantly, she had a great time with her friends.

This Tuesday, I celebrate Brooke.  We love you sweet girl.


HeathahLee said...

Hopping over from the link on Chatting at the Sky! She is lovely! And how refreshing to see a beautiful teenager in a beautiful dress that is not so low cut you can't notice anything but skin! I won't turn this comment into a soapbox...suffice it to say that your daughter is a rarity! Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning! Brooke, you look beautiful. I can't believe you are graduating. Where did the time go?

I Love You,
Aunt Amie

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