A Soothing Treat...

For better or worse, out of all of our children, Payton's personality is most like mine.  Don't be too impressed - that just means he's a Type AAAA perfectionist worrier just like his mom! 

Two months ago, Payton worked very hard auditioning for the lead male part in the middle school spring musical.  And his diligence was rewarded.  He was chosen to play Prince Charming in Cinderella.  Of course, while this means lots of fun and great memories, it also means long practices, line memorization, singing and dancing lessons, and so on.  This weekend all of the long hours and hard work will pay off in two performances, which I'm certain will be delightful. 

But, true to form, Payton has been feeling the stress this week.   Dress rehearsals, algebra homework, and science projects leave little time for playing catch with Jeff or shooting basketballs with Sawyer and often worry, sleeplessness, and all-around crankiness ensue. 

I wanted to do something special to let Payton know how proud we are of him and all his hard work.  But mostly, I just wanted him to know how much we love him.  For Payton, a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries says all of that and much more!  He was thrilled and hopefully the stress and nerves were gone as quickly as the strawberries.  We love you Payton!  Break a leg!


Anonymous said...

Sure hope he saved me one. Can't wait to see the play.
Love, MOm

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