Sping Spong

Alternatively titled:  "What to do when the rest of the house is consumed with getting your oldest sister to her senior prom..."

First, you decide you'd like to play a game of ping pong.
The fact that we have no ping pong table is only a minor issue.
The kitchen table will work just dandy.
Throw in a few video games and some disposable container lids and the game's on.

All is going well.  Until oldest son has a brainstorm and goes running.
One letter opener, one ruler, and massive amounts of masking tape later, two "paddles" are born.

The game continues until one boy is obviously convicted and decides to take a "biblical approach" to the makeshift net.

Satisfied that they have covered enough versions, play continues.
Alas, the ball rarely hits the table. 
But it does make constant contact with painted walls, decorations, lamps, doors, etc.

Notice the concentration that is required to hit everything in the room EXCEPT the table.
Finally tired, the "sping spong" (as they've dubbed it) champs take a break.

But don't let them fool you! 
Champ #1 is checking out "How to play offensive in ping pong" on that fount of wisdom, Wikihow.
The next match is sure to be even more exciting!


Becky said...

That is awesome!! I don't know if I am more impressed with them and their creativity or with you for sitting back, relaxing and allowing it be created. It did involve a little bit of art and craftiness. :)
Good thing they didn't want paddles with glitter.

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