Tweet, Tweet

Evidently I don't have enough to do because I had a brain lapse this morning and signed up for a Twitter account.  Really, I was motivated by all the deals and coupons you can get via Twitter.  But.......I ended up playing around for a couple hours.  Yikes!

Either way, if you care to know when I go grocery shopping and when I'm folding laundry and exactly at what point in each day I temporarily lose my mind (you've obviously already missed today's moment), feel free to follow me on Twitter.  My username is jenvestrand. 

And, if you are sane and smart enough to avoid the sensation that is Twitter, you can just read my Tweets on the sidebar.  Wasn't it nice of me to provide them there for you?

Okay.  I'm off to accomplish. something. productive.  



things that make you go hmmm said...

NOOOOO!!!! You didn't!!

I have no idea how to follow twitter.

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