Two, Two, Two posts in One!!

Okay, so I totally missed last Thursday's post on preschool and kindergarten, but I'm a day early for this week's post on first grade.  So I think we're even. 

Once again, these years are fuzzy, but I do recall a few important things.

Preschool and Kindergarten

  • My sister, Amie, was born in September, 1969, and my brother Adam in March, 1971. My mom was busy!
  • We moved to my childhood home in March 1971, right before my brother was born.  I remember walking up the road to the new house (at the time we were living just down the road) while my mom was VERY pregnant with my brother.
  • I entered kindergarten in September, 1971.  It was the first year that High Point Baptist Academy was in existence.  My teacher was Mrs. Vogt.  I don't remember much about that year except that I spent MUCH time in the playhouse during recess learning to lace and tie my shoes.  This is a skill that I still have not totally mastered.  I always have to pause and think before lacing shoes, and I tie my shoes in a very weird way.  I was probably scarred for life in that ridiculous blue and yellow playhouse while the rest of the class was out at recess.
  • I was Betsy Ross in the school play that year.  My mom made my costume.  I don't remember exactly what my role involved, but I do remember the night of the play.  I'm sure I was a huge success on the small stage. (Mom, I know there's a picture of that somewhere.)
First Grade
  • My teacher was Mrs. Hertzler.  During the fall of that year, she lost her 12-year old daughter during open heart surgery, and we had a long-term substitute. 
  • My love-hate relationship with recess continued:  I spent many recesses inside with my head down on my desk because I could not. stop. talking.  Most days that was terribly boring, but the day that Melissa Moser threw up all over her desk, I had a front-row seat for all the action.
  • My most vivid first-grade memory is the day that I dawdled just a bit too long washing my hands after bathroom break.  When I came out of the restroom, Mrs. Hertzler asked me what had taken so long.  Apparently, I didn't answer quickly enough so Mrs. Hertzler proceeded to ask me if I'd had a BM?  Now, I have to tell you that in our home, my mother NEVER allowed words like "BM".  So naturally, I had NO idea what Mrs. Hertzler was talking about.  I must have looked at her like she had three heads because she mistook the look on my face for disrespect.  My punishment was yet another class period with my head down on my desk while the rest of the class enjoyed a film strip on dental hygiene.  I blame Mrs. Hertzler for my mouth full of cavities.
  • My sister Becky was born in October of my first grade year.  On the day she was born, the school secretary came to my classroom to tell me that I had a phone call in the school office.  After I said hello, daddy told me that I had a baby sister.  I was totally bummed because I had really been hoping for another brother.  Come to find out, one brother was more than enough (I love you Adam!), and I wouldn't trade Becky (or any of my siblings!) for anything.

    And now for your viewing pleasure:

    Me and my handsome daddy, May, 1968
    Celebrating my 5th birthday, November, 1972