Reader, did you know?

Each Christmas season, Jeff gives this quiz to his fifth grade Bible students.  It is always amazing to us how little of the TRUE Christmas story the kids know.  So much of what they believe has come from stories, legends, and Christmas movies, and quite a bit of it has no basis whatsoever in biblical fact.

I thought it would be fun to see how much YOU know.  Take the following true/false quiz (no peeking allowed) and, if you're feeling brave--or you wanna brag a bit--let me know how you did in the comments!  I will post the correct answers tomorrow.  Maybe I will even make the winner a fur wreath...ahem........
  1. Joseph was from Bethlehem.
  2. Mary and Joseph were married when Mary became pregnant.
  3. An angel told Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem, where the baby would be born.
  4. The innkeeper told Mary and Joseph there was no room in the inn.
  5. The Bible says Jesus was born in a stable.
  6. Christmas has always been celebrated on December 25th.
  7. A multitude of angels spoke to the shepherds.
  8. The angels told the shepherds to look for a baby who was lying in a manger.
  9. The angels sang Joy to the World.
  10. The wise men said they saw a star in the east.
  11. The wise men stopped in Jerusalem to inquire about where to find Jesus.
  12. Three wise men came to visit Jesus.
  13. Frankincense is a precious metal.
  14. Myrrh is a perfume.
  15. In a dream, God told Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt.


Jill said...

Took the quiz and can't wait to see if I passed!

Mandy said...

hmmm... I'm waiting to see if I'm correct with my answers. Merry Christmas!

Gina Ulfa said...

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