Yesterday, I........

Felt guilty about not posting in so long, yet....
Remained uninspired about what to post
Skipped my shower, and then.....
Ran into a lady from church while I was at the store (naturally)
Did three loads of laundry
Googled the recipe for American Chop Suey (double ick) and then....
Made spaghetti for dinner instead
Googled information on freezing scrambled eggs before cooking and still have no answers
Found a dog sitter for Sofie while we are in Ohio
Crossed everything off my "To Do" list for the day
Spray painted something that I am now too embarrassed to display in my home
Enjoyed a bowl of Breyer's ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, which will always and forever remind me of my grandparents)
Chatted (via Facebook and text message) with several dear friends
Chatted live with my mom and sister
Did not manage to read any of this, which has been sitting on my shelf for too long
Wished I had better luck baking with yeast so I could make these
Drooled a bit
Decided I will be savings my pennies for this (be still my heart!)
Browsed the library a bit and post-browsing....
Wondered, once again, why the HECK "Romance" gets a category and lots 'o shelf space in said library.
::::::  And, last but not least :::::::
Found out there will finally be a reality show that I can totally relate to.  It's about time!

Have a happy weekend!