For the nephews......

I have seven nephews--Garrett, Chase, Addison, Noah, Wyatt, Spencer, and Lincoln.  (Yes, when you consider my boys, Payton and Sawyer, it's kinda like reading a phone book.  First-name last names are popular in our family!)

This post is for them.  I have no doubt that they will enjoy this video/song as much as my boys have enjoyed it--over and over and over and over.  I mean, it really IS funny but it's that whole "too much of a good thing" idea.

Enjoy guys!

Aunt Jennifer

Please overlook the video quality and just enjoy the song!  It's hilarious!
And thanks to Adam Terpstra for sharing this.


Spencer and Lincoln said...

Thanks, Aunt Jennifer!! We enjoyed that (and so did Lucy)!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Aunt Jennifer. We thought this was GREAT!!!

Garrett & Chase

Brooke728 said...

MOM!!!! You put the toast song on :) Adam and I showed this to you!

Julie said...

Love Bob and Tom...this is one of the cleanest songs I think I've ever heard them sing! :o) Be careful if the boys want to go looking for more of their stuff. We listened to them when I was growing up in Indiana.

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