Check this out!

My sweet Sawyer has been bitten by the writing bug--and he does a pretty good job for being 11, in my humble opinion, of course!

He has decided to follow in his mom's footsteps and start his own blog!  After MUCH consternation and polling of family members, he named his blog "Therefore I conclude.....".  He chose this name because the things he posts will, naturally, be his own "conclusions" and also because he is our youngest child, and therefore, the conclusion to our family!  I thought it was pretty clever!   And, of course, he went with a lime green blog design because that is his (current) favorite color!

He would love for you to check out his new venture into the wonderful world of writing and leave a comment!  Enjoy!


Sandy said...

He has done a great job! My three oldest have blogs. It is a wonderful way to keep them writing.

Neecykay said...

He is definitely your child! He has a great sense of humor. Hope he enjoys his new blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great job, Sawyer. Uncle Scott and I have decided to give you all light bulbs for Christmas. We hope you enjoy them.

Aunt Amie

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