Loving Lately.....

Just a few things that I am loving lately.  Some Christmasy, some not.  All fabulous!

Anything pretzel + anything bagel=YUM!  These have been hard to find around here, but they are sooo good!

This makes me wish I could sew-or even glue!  Adorable!

I have proclaimed my love for these on Facebook.  You don't want to know how many I have sitting on my laundry room shelf.  (Have to use those coupons before they expire!)

I'm definitely not a fan of "store-bought icing".  But this is a yummy exception!

These are the PERFECT addition to a cup of hot chocolate!

And, in keeping with my theme, these are AMAZING!

(I think I may need a peppermint intervention.)

And, last but not least, in my "spare time", I've managed to read this.  Very good!

Oh.....and one more!  This vintage Christmas pic.  Just because I LOVE it too!


Stephanie said...

I have a sample of the unstoppables sitting in my laundry room...what's the difference between the unstoppables and the liquid stuff? they're both one time use right?

Kari said...

PEPPERMINT!!!!!!!!! :D

Gina Ulfa said...

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Gina Ulfa said...

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