Loving Lately.....

I am working on the final Modern Fairy Tale post, although I think it may be fairly anti-climactic at this point! Thanks again for all your kind comments. I'm glad you've enjoyed it!

Until then, thought I'd share a few things I am "loving lately". Maybe you will enjoy them too!

A dear friend gifted me this for Christmas and it is A. MAZ. ING. Normally, I am a plain Chapstick kinda girl, but I really love this stuff. It tastes yummy [She gave me the vanilla cupcake flavor so it's hard to go wrong!] and, best of all, it lasts a long time on your lips! My only [very minor] complaint is the size-it's kinda wide compared to normal lip balms/chapsticks, but that's a small price I am willing to pay!

I have been reading about this show all over the internet-or at least all over the parts of the internet that *I* peruse. So I decided to check it out. Not to repeat myself, but it is A. MAZ. ING. [Probably even more amazing than the lip balm, if I'm being totally honest!] I'm not sure if it's the amazing wardrobes, the amazing house and scenery, or the amazing English accents [complete with perfect grammar and elocution and no cursing, be still my heart], but it is wonderful........and, dare I say, amazing! I mean, it's certainly not Grey's Anatomy (gag!!) or some geographic rendition of CSI (shudder!!), but it's certainly a better use of your television time! Hurry and watch the first season online here. The second season starts this week!

My latest read has been a totally new experience for me. Formerly, I would have been quite proud to say that I have never read anything by Stephen King. In fact, I never even considered it. I don't enjoy fantasy or science fiction or whatever particular genre his writing might happen to fall into, but I am humbly admitting that I am LOVING this book. I'm pretty sure it's because I really enjoy historical fiction, and I've always been fascinated by the Kennedy assassination, so I don't imagine I'll be picking up The Shining or The Tommyknockers any time soon. (Although, I must admit that I loved the movie versions of Misery, Dolores Claiborne, and The Green Mile.) Big Bonus: it's a really long book--as in 850 pages long--and that's always a good thing when it's also a great read!

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know that I love to organize and simplify. I don't "do" clutter. I also have a "thing" for office supplies. In this case, "thing" may be a nice word for "obsession", but I'm totally okay with that. Now it seems that Martha Stewart and Staples have teamed up and debuted a new line called Martha Stewart Home Office. Be. still. my. heart. Jeff and I have a date night planned  tomorrow night [thanks to some holiday gift cards]. I'm pretty sure our date will involve a trip to the Martha Stewart aisle at Staples. Contented sigh......

Next, a new [to me] blog that I have been "loving lately". First, I am totally jealous of where she lives. Second, her Christmas ornaments [and other crafties] are to die for. And, last but not least, she takes beautiful pictures and surrounds them with beautifully written words. Stop by. You'll be glad you did.

For your viewing pleasure, go here.......'nuff said.

And, finally..........Pinterest. What else is there to say? Follow me [jennifer vestrand]. I will follow you. And we can "repin" happily ever after.  I will leave you with a few recent "pins"-to whet your appetite.


Neecykay said...

I always enjoy reading about what you are "loving lately!" Thanks for sharing. (not sure if I am glad to see yet another book that I will need to read.....) :-)

Carla said...

So excited to hear you discovered Downtown Abbey! We love it, too!!

Gina Ulfa said...

very good
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