......"they" say it's good for the soul. I'm not so sure, but I'll come clean about some stuff anyway. (Aren't you thrilled?)

I love love LOVE Wonka Bottlecaps candy. LOVE. THEM. Well, actually, I love two-fifths of them. I buy a box (or three!) and eat ONLY the coke and root beer flavored ones. The kids, the dog, or the trash can have the rest. I'll eat grape in a pinch but the cherry and orange...yuck!

I spent hours (not even a small exaggeration) in the past two days creating/tweaking/perfecting Brooke and Adam's wedding invitations. Now I love them too! Or I will as soon as they arrive! I can't share them yet, but I will post a picture, for sure, when they arrive. While I would love to send you all one personally, obviously that's just not possible. So you'll have to enjoy them through the blogosphere.

Sydney needed help with her English/Vocab homework yesterday. It was on the parts of speech and subject/verb agreement. It was delightful! I wish more people thought the same and paid attention to proper grammar!

And while we're on that subject, last week I read a blog where the author had written "for all extensive purposes". I had to read it several times before I realized she was trying to say "for all intents and purposes". Really? REALLY?

A few days ago, online, I found a teaching position for Jeff in New Zealand. Obviously, we aren't going anywhere but, since I'm confessing I'll say that, if something like that were to drop in my lap, I'd think twice before I threw it back!

I'm not sure why people say it takes a year to plan a wedding? Yes, it takes work, but we have had NO problems lining up all the essential pieces for a lovely event--photographer, venue, caterer, DJ, dress--and we did not do one thing until Brooke and Adam were actually engaged in early November. In fact, one of our conditions for engagement was that they had to set a date and GET MARRIED! They weren't going to be engaged for two years or something ridiculous like that.

I realized today that this blog, which kind of started out as a "journal" or record of our daily lives, really bears no resemblance to that initial objective. So....I'm considering starting to post about the mundane, the day to day, the ordinary.....just so someday, when I'm old and gray(er).....I'll remember the details. Just a warning. It will probably be boring and dull, but it will be here in black and white for all the world to see. Maybe I'll rename the blog "Lather, Rinse, Repeat". Sigh.......

I'm off to read my yummy newest library acquisition. And maybe eat some cola bottle caps. You can be jealous.

P.S. I am thankful I am for the shed blood of Christ that tore the Temple veil and gave me personal and direct access to the God of the universe! No priests or confessionals for me, thankyouverymuch!