You know what they say.........

............about good intentions! Of course, you do!

That one about how good intentions pave the road to "you know where/h-e-double hockey sticks"?
Well, my road is well paved and even resurfaced by this point.  (Although I'm trusting I'll be going the other direction!)

Remember all those "everyday" things I was going to post about?  Well, turns out I'm just trying to LIVE every day, and posting on the blog hasn't been a priority.  But I do miss it.  And my brain swirls with post possibilities and my spirit resolves to write.

And then I hear

"Mom, I need to leave for practice."
"Mom, we're out of toilet paper."
"Mom, what's for dinner?"
"Mom, I have to write a thesis sentence."
"Mom, he looked at me."
"Mom, I wore my last pair of clean underwear two days ago!" (don't judge)

And reality shakes my swirling brain and feisty resolve.
Life happens.
And, let me tell you, life is HAPPENING at the VeStrands. 

But I do have some fun and good things to share!
Thanks to those of you who have asked where I am and requested new posts!
It's nice to be missed.