The Heat is On

We went to the pool today. As I sat there sweltering and trying to read, I wondered if I was smart for coming to the pool to cool off or if I was dumb for leaving the relative coolness of my home. Actually, the pool itself wasn't even cool. When the air is 101 degrees and the pool water is 95 degrees, it's hard to feel refreshed.

Those of you who know the Lenharts know that we don't deal well with the heat. It's a genetic thing. It's so hot outside that you can hardly breathe, although there is a bit of breeze today, which helps psychologically anyway. I saw on the weather today that it's "only" supposed to be 91 tomorrow and then 83 on Saturday. We'll be breaking out the sweatshirts!

Only 47 days until fall! I'd celebrate more but I don't want to sweat.


Reb said...

Going to the pool... definitely a smart idea. Remember your days of being stuck in the house because you just couldn't bear to miss nap time?

Beckyb said...

I hear you - I do not like this hot either and now we are warming back up!! YUCK!!!

I am counting the days to fall too!!


Adam said...

I didn't even get near the door today, much less go outside. We were thinking of going to Washington D.C. but then asked ourselves, "Who would be stupid enough to go there in this heat?"