The Highlight of our Day

Yes, we were in the most powerful city in the world. Yes, we saw monuments and memorials and museums. We saw buildings where the laws of our land are drafted and decisions are made that will change the course of history. But, in spite of all these things, what was the highlight of our day???

You guessed it----the automatic trash cans at McDonalds! As you can see, the kids were amazed. We made many trips to that trash can. And we all decided that our kids definitely need to get out more! We'll tackle that in October when it's cooler.


Beckyb said...

I love it - we get to see some of the VeStrands AND the Bailey's in one day!!! We miss you both - hey - next time you are partying - we want to come!!!

The Bilby's

Reb said...

At least it is a day to remember. It is only something you have been wanting to do for 4 years!

Adam said...

Wow, Sydney has really changed.