Life is like a laundry chute???

When we moved into our home four years ago, our kids were delighted to see that we had a laundry chute. We have little doors in our upstairs hallway and kitchen that lead directly to the hamper in the laundry room. It works great! In fact, I would hate to be without a laundry chute. I've been spoiled. I don't ever have to hassle the kids to put their dirty clothes in their proper place. In fact, often when I've told them to clean their rooms, I seem to find LOTS of (clean) clothes that end up down the laundry chute! I guess it's easier to toss them down the chute than to shove them hastily in their drawers! And you'd be surprised how many Lego pieces, Playmobil pirates, and Happy Meal toys have been rescued from the laundry chute or, if I was in a laundry frenzy, actually made it through the wash and dry cycles looking not that much worse for the wear!

I really do try to stay on top of all the laundry. However, there have been times when the kids will yell "mom, a ball of clothes/towels/sheets (take your pick) is stuck in the laundry chute." I quickly clarify that they're not actually stuck--they're just resting on the top of the pile that's climbing steadily to the laundry chute opening.

Yesterday, as I was working on that ever-multiplying pile, I realized that lately I'm feeling a bit like the dirty pair of socks at the very bottom of the laundry pile. Life is crazy right now--and it stinks, just like those socks! The kids have had it with the pool and all the summer fun; they are bored out of their minds and driving me out of mine. All the fall activities are beginning soon and so we are trying to get football cleats and baseball helmets and of course, that required memory stick. We have one more birthday before school starts and then there are the obligatory haircuts, sleepovers, and doctor's appointments that have to be accomplished. And, most importantly, I am teaching a class at our church this fall and I am very busy working on that, in between the pool, the doctor's appointments and the "refereeing". Today, Jeff actually came home with a song for me to learn so I can sing it in church in two weeks and I, dutiful pastor's wife that I am, quickly replied "Sure, my sweet, I'm not doing anything else these days!"

These days our life seems a bit like the laundry chute: all too easy to add things (good and bad) and then let them "pile up" while I gasp for breath at the bottom of the pile. I think I need a vacation from summer "vacation". But I guess I better make sure everyone has clean underwear first.


Anonymous said...
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Beckyb said...

Ok - you said what I was trying to say just much more eloquently - I hear you girl and I FEEL YOUR PAIN!! Life does get out of control - but hey, soon yours will be back in school!!! :)

Adam said...

Oooooh, I like that analogy. Can I use it on Sunday? Sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed. At least your team didn't lose its starting quarterback.

Tamera said...

I've decided that you need to write a book! Very well said!

sherri said...

LOVE IT! That's the Lord givin' ya that good stuff!

Your NEW sister-in-christ, Sherri

Anonymous said...

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