On a more serious note.....

We have been assured that the eyes will be open and the dark goggles removed for the record-setting match!

As you can see, Payton's been "bulking up" for the contest!

Payton and his best friend, Jonah, have decided to set a Guinness World Record. After considerable research (you think I'm kidding??), we found that there is no such record for tossing a ball in the swimming pool without dropping it. So, Payton and Jonah have decided they are up for the task. At last count, they had thrown it 1,932 times. (Those 400 dropped balls were just little blips on the radar screen to greatness.) We'll be notifying the Guinness people about the boys' quest in the next day or two. Check the blog for future updates!

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The Beckers said...

Way to go Payton!!!! Can't wait to read your name in the book! We're so proud of you. Jen, your blog is wonderful. Absolutely love reading the happenings of the VeStrand gang. Keep up the excellent job. Miss you all!!!