So many books, so little time........

I've been "tagged" again, and this is one game of tag I am happy to play! I love to read. The library is one of my most favorite places. I only wish I could read more than I do!

A book that changed my life: Babywise by Gary and Anne Ezzo (There is NO better way!)

A book I have read more than once: Double Trouble in Walla Walla by Andrew Clements (a favorite in our house!)

A book I'd take to a deserted island: Bible (preferably the New Living Translation!)

A book that made me laugh: Teen Proofing by John Rosemond

A book that made me cry: Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier and Night by Elie Wiesel

A book I wish I had written: DaVinci Code by Dan Brown (I absolutely LOVED this work of fiction!)

A book I wish had never been written: Ivanhoe by Sir Walter "Snooze" (Hands down, THE most boring book on the planet.)

A book I am reading right now: Because I Said So by John Rosemond and Love You, Mean it by a group of 9/11 widows

A book I am planning to read: Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards (I'm not copying Becky. This is really on my list!)

I really do keep a running list of books that I want to read, and every year, in January, I resolve to keep a list of all the books I actually do read that year. So, you ask, what books have you read this year, Jen??

Well, maybe next year...........

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Ln said...

I absolutely love to read,too. I am always reading something. I keep a list of what I have read and a list of what I plan to read. A really captivating book makes all the difference in the day!