A dangerous precedent??

I'm not slacking, we're just busy!!! Please don't make me join the "Slacker Bloggers" club!! I fear I have set a dangerous precedent with the blog, and just so I can clear up any confusion, I probably won't be posting every day now!

Unless you'd like to hear about the latest house that we are buying/selling at the office, or the latest homework projects for four different kids, or the home group leader training that Jeff is conducting on Saturday, things just aren't that exciting around here! Although tonight, I proofread a paragraph on how language affects our culture (written by Sydney) and searched the cobwebs of my brain to help Payton with a math question. (Don't laugh, fifth grade was a very long time ago for me!)

I am getting familiar with work and really enjoying it. I think in a few short months, I will have answers to most of your real estate questions. Today I got to edit an article that Steve is writing for a website. I was in heaven! It was fun! I am learning a lot and doing well. Thanks for your continued prayers!

We are getting adjusted at our house. So please bear with us and check back--whenever you get around to it!

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stephanie said...

I was totally kidding when I called you a slacker! but seriously....write something already!