First Daze????

We have successfully navigated the first days (daze?) of school for each child and all seem to be adjusting fine! Sydney started middle school today and quickly found out that things are much different in middle school. That and she really needs a lower locker, but we are working on that!

Enjoy the pictures!

Sawyer all ready for "the first day of first grade".

Payton heading off to fourth grade. (Please excuse the "glow". It was rainy and dark that morning and apparently Lands' End's claims about glow-in-the-dark backpacks are absolutely true!)

Sydney's first day of middle school. (Yes, the backpack probably weighed more than her!)

Our resident "cheese balls".


Adam said...

Nice socks, Fellas. School, like summer, sucks.

Amie said...

All the kids look great. Glad to hear that things are going well. We have been thinking about you.