"Labor" Days...

We are taking this holiday seriously at our house! We have been "laboring" all weekend around here. I guess cleaning out for the garage sale has gotten to me. I've been on a tear getting ready for the end of summer and the start of school and my job, all of which will happen on Tuesday.

We have changed and washed all the sheets, cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed the entire house, and added even more "junque" to the aforementioned garage sale pile, which is really a small hill. I have sharpened pencils, thrown out stubby crayons, and even cleaned all the budding "science projects" out of the netherlands of the fridge. We also stashed the fans and swimsuits and beach towels as we said farewell to another pool season. We had hoped to visit the pool one last time this weekend, but the constant rain and chilly temps put a "damper" on those plans!

I can now proudly proclaim that we have enough Gatorade and Capri Suns to keep our entire cul-de-sac hydrated in the event of a catastrophe. We also have enough cereal and lunch snacks to last until Christmas--but of course, after about two weeks, the cereals and snacks they "had to have" will be declared obsolete with whines of "I'm tired of those!" or "Payton asked for those, not ME!" or "They taste funny!" (never mind she's been eating them for two weeks already!)

All the backpacks are poised and ready for takeoff, accompanied by one full shopping bag per child so that all the supplies can be hauled into the school. We even managed to get that all-important memory stick for Sydney's computer class. The school uniforms are hanging neatly in their respective closets and the lunchboxes are at the ready.

Every Labor Day since we've moved here our neighbors have had a huge picnic. The kids love to go and eat all the goodies, play kickball, and guzzle all the pop they can in the few hours that we are there! This year, our neighbors are in California celebrating their son's wedding, so we are on our own for fun (although we DO have their house key!). Can't say that I'm all that disappointed though. I'm happy to come home from church, lay on the couch, and relax and not be sociable to a bunch of people I barely know! I'm thrilled to have another day of relaxation before life starts a tailspin of school, work, piano, flag football, and baseball. Although I may try to squeeze in some shopping. Can't miss all those stores that are having "the greatest sale ever" (until next weekend anyway!).

We hope all of you are celebrating the end of summer in a great way--camping, picnicking with friends and family, swimming, or just hanging out! If you want to "labor" with us, feel free to drop in!


Adam said...

Summer sucks. I hate it and I'm glad it's over.

Jen said...

Thanks for your candid response! I'm pretty much with you. Summer is fourth on my list of favorite seasons. Can't get much lower than that!

Mom said...

I hope the last day before it begins all over again is great. Wish we were there, but maybe next year. We will be "laboring" too, much packing to do and I have no garage sale to dispose of my unwanteds. Thank goodness for the thrift shop. All seasons but winter are fourth on my list.

TheBeckers said...

We in New York are truly sad to see summer come to an end. Love those hot summer days and nights!!!Now that fall is right around the corner, we are preparing for the pumpkin stand!! Have a great school year and beginning of a new career.