Sydney--the Contortionist????

We were blessed to celebrate the end of summer with some dear friends tonight. As we were enjoying delicious hamburgers, salad, and deviled eggs, the kids (11 between both families with 9 in attendance tonight!) were running around wrestling, swinging, shooting baskets, getting stuck in playhouse windows, chasing the dog, what a minute..........getting stuck in playhouse windows??? Yep, that's what I said!

I don't think we ever did figure out exactly HOW it happened, but all of the sudden, Isabella was at the screen door saying "Mommy, Sydney needs her mom!" We immediately assumed that Sydney was hurt and quickly asked "What's wrong, is she hurt?" "No," said Isabella, "She's stuck in the playhouse window!"

Laughing, we all ran outside--with the camera, of course---and sure enough, somehow, Sydney had gotten herself, or at least some parts of herself, stuck in the playhouse window! After a couple pictures, we freed her and she seemed no worse for the wear!

Never a dull moment at the VeStrands!


Mom said...

I didn't know Sydney was big enough to get stuck in anything!
Glad you had a fun picnic, you must have had nice weather.

stephanie said...

we had a great time too...as always! but you forgot part of the contortionist story...when sydney saw us coming at her with a camera, she yells "NO!!! NOT FOR THE BLOG!!"

Jen said...

LOL!! You're right!