Play Ball!!!

The fall sports season has begun for the VeStrand boys. Yesterday was Sawyer's first baseball game. He was 3/3! Then, Payton's first flag football game was today. He scored 4 touchdowns and had tons of tackles!! And, of course, he had fun, which is the most important part.

Enjoy the photos!

Sawyer makes a catch! (You can barely see the ball in his glove!)

The first of three infield grounders!

Sawyer diggin' it out to third base!

Sawyer waiting to score a run!

Payton making a catch!

Payton playing quarterback! (hey, isn't there another famous Peyton who's a quarterback?)

Payton and Jonah tired and happy after a hard-earned win!


Jeff said...

Those boys are stubs. Who's their father? Payton is a running, tackling machine! Sawyer loves that bat!

stephanie said...

What fun watching the boys play football yesterday! Even more fun was hearing Jeff giving you a hard time about understanding the game and threatening you within an inch of your life if you dared run onto the field in the unlikely event that Payton got injured!

Jen said...

I'm not entirely certain but I'm pretty sure Jeff meant "studs" and not "stubs"!!


TheBeckers said...

Certainly looks like Payton and Sawyer are having a great time. Wish we could be there to watch. Do a "cheer" from NY for us!!!

Adam said...

I hope Payton gets a scholarship offer to OU soon. We could use a few good "stubs".