Unfounded Claims

I survived! And quite nicely, I might add. The "teacher" actually said I was an excellent student, thank you very much! I got the hang of the foreign object insertion pretty quickly, nevermind that those little buggers are slippery and I was on my hands and knees on the eye doctor's floor searching for my new contact lens at one rather embarrassing point in the process.

I wore the first trial pair for about two hours and those were definitely NOT cutting it. The blurriness that was supposed to disappear after 15-30 minutes persisted long beyond that, which is never a good thing when you have to drive the outer and inner loops around Baltimore (note above picture). I finally had to give in and return to my glasses so I could see to get my work done and drive. When I got home, I tried the second trial pair and they were MUCH better. Not nearly as blurry, but still not quite right, which I guess isn't unusual. So I will call the "teacher" tomorrow and see if she can mess with the prescription a bit.

Overall, I'm very pleased. And happy to report that I didn't experience any of the catastrophes about which I was so lovingly warned. I am certain that once we get the prescription just right, we will all be happy, and I'm looking forward to a long and satisifying relationship with my new soft contact lenses!


Becky said...

Glad to hear it all went well. Can't wait to see the new look next week!

Don and Jeanne said...

When will we get to see the new you We are both looking forward to see you again