Say again???

We love Payton. Really, we do. He is charming, delightful, and intelligent. Most of the time. But there are times when we wonder if he has sent his brain on vacation to some sunny, tropical island and is attempting to function without it. Like tonight, for instance.

He had just come in from playing outside and was lounging comfortably in the chair in our bedroom, reading a magazine. When I walked in and noticed that he was dripping sweat, I told him to hit the shower immediately. Uncharacteristically, he didn't protest, which struck me as odd. But imagine my shock when I heard him say "Yeah, I better get a shower since there's dog dirt on the back of my shirt."

Hope that brain is having a great time!


stephanie said...

you sure do love you some google images huh jen?? EEEEeewwwww!

Jen said...

LOL! I knew you'd love that picture Steph. If it makes you feel any better, it IS fake!

Mom said...

How's the chair smelling? Considering there isn't a much worse smell than dog dirt where it doesn't belong.

Anonymous said...

Lori's dogs run stright to our living room every time they come over. And leave us a little presant. Good thing they are cute. Jeanne