Carpool happenings....

We carpool with another family to and from school each day; they have a daughter, age 10, and a son, age 8. They generally sit in the backseat with Payton. This morning, in the rear view mirror, I noticed all three of them sniffing their armpits. Then........

Payton: Mom, what is BO?
Me: It's body odor. It's how you smell when you forget to shower.
Payton: Oh okay. Mom, I think I have BO.
Me: Umm-hmm
Payton: Would you get me some "detergent" so I don't stink?
Me: Sure, son. You can rub some Tide under your arms every morning. That'll do the trick.

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Anonymous said...

Jen, good to hear, but some of us need a good dose of clorox.
Please keep writting.
Don and Jeanne