Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

I was reminded again today how truly blessed we are to have our children in christian school. As I helped with Sawyer's Thanksgiving party, I was so thankful that our children can go each day to a school where they pray and give thanks to God and are taught the true meaning behind many of the holidays we celebrate. As we prepared to eat the first grade version of a "Thanksgiving feast", Sawyer's teacher explained why the pilgrims came to America and why they celebrated the first Thanksgiving. Then we all bowed our heads and thanked God for this amazing country and his many blessings to us. It gave me goosebumps! Many days I take their education for granted; today I was reminded to be thankful, and I am!

I included a few pictures below from Sawyer's party and one of Payton enjoying his celebration in fourth grade. Enjoy!

The pilgrims and indians of Liberty Christian School grade 1B.

Sawyer and mommy enjoying the feast.

One happy pilgrim!

One more happy pilgrim!

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Mom said...

Did you enjoy the pumpkin pie? I see no glasses, are the contacts in and working?