Don't know much about.....biology

Ahh, once again, we are reaping the informational benefits of the fourth grade digestion unit. However, and not surprisingly, Payton is picking up on totally different "important points" than Sydney did just two years ago.

The other night after dinner, he was kind enough to inform us of the following.

"Did you know that when your tinkle is dark it means you haven't dranken enough water? But if your tinkle is light, then you have dranken enough water."

(I'm thinking they could set aside the digestion unit and spend some more time on grammar.)

And the following day, in the van during carpool. Naturally.

"Mom, does everyone have a rectum?"


Beckyb said...

Hey - at least he's enjoying science AND learning - can't say I ever enjoyed that much!!

Tamera said...

Can't wait til the reproduction unit!!

grandpa v said...

where does that boy come with all these questions? it just seems so out of place with our sweet little innocent grandson.at least he's listening. grandma v wants to know what you told him?