What are you doing this weekend?

I hope you all have lots of fun and exciting things planned for this weekend. In case you were thinking of calling us or inviting us to join you in those fun and exciting things, I thought I'd save you the effort. This is what we'll be doing this weekend.

Poetry Final Project-Grade 6 English

Original Poem

Your poem must contain at least eight lines but be no longer than a page. You must incorporate at least four elements of poetry in a meaningful way. Your poem should reflect serious effort and exhibit neatness and overall aesthetic appeal.


You will write an essay analyzing a poem of your choosing. You must write well-developed paragraphs, consisting of strong topic sentences, relevant supporting sentences, and strong concluding/transitional sentences. Your essay should include an introductory paragraph consisting of a hook and thesis statement, a body in which you discuss the poem's meaning, the poet's use of strategies and elements of poetry, and the poem's emotional impact. Your essay should reflect serious effort.

Thank you Mr. English Teacher.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Beckyb said...

YUCK!!!! But I'm sure it will be glowing when it is done - it helps to have an English-saavy Mom!!!

C.C. said...

Huh! I don't think I do that and I have a college degree LOL