Poetry Progress

Thought I'd update you on Sydney's poetry progress. This is what she's done so far.....


I really love to sing a lot
Singing talent is what I've got

In the shower and in my room

I always sing a little tune
My singing isn't flat or shrill
I sound just like a whippoorwill
I sing in church
I sing in school

And I sing for God

Because HE rules!

Sydney Paige VeStrand


stephanie said...

Sydney rocks! I love that kid!

Aunt Becky said...

Awesome!! That's an A+ in my book, Sydney.

grandpa v said...

your daughter has found a great way to express herself. it is very good!!

The Beckers said...

Sydney, Your have quite a talent in poetry. Keep up the good work!

Grammy said...

Good going, Sydney. Are you telling us something we don't know?