It's Gym Show Week!!!!

Prepare yourselves for lots of exciting, action-filled photos showing the VeStrand children performing various death-defying stunts and gymnastic feats usually attempted only by professionals. Rare photos such as these can only mean one thing: it's Gym Show Week at Liberty Christian School!!!

I get to spend three and a half hours watching the kids and their classmates jump, roll, tumble, somersault, and spin, holding my breath and hoping against hope that I don't have to spend that same amount of time in the emergency room.

Really, the kids LOVE the Gym Show and athletic prowess (or lack thereof) aside, this is pretty much the most entertaining event of the entire school year! Today was the First Grade show.

Sawyer waits patiently for his turn on the parallel bars.

Sawyer displays his amazing skill on the vault.

Sawyer balances on the beam.

Jolaade, Daniel, Sawyer, and Joel make a pyramid
with a little help from Mr. Trumbo.

Ta-Da! All applause welcome!


Beckyb said...

That is a hoot - what a fun idea!! Yeah for Gym Show Week!!

Aunt Becky said...

And the crowd goes wild!!

C.C. said...

how fun! Can I participate? LOL :-P