Monday, Monday

I must be out of "the loop". Whatever "the loop" is. I heard this morning that today is "Blue Monday". Apparently, "Blue Monday" comes every year, but this is the first time I'd ever heard about it.

"Blue Monday", which happens to fall on January 21 this year, is so named because the "experts" have decided that it's the most depressing day of the year. Bad weather, credit card bills, and the failure to maintain those pesky New Year's resolutions all combine to make today the bleakest day of the year. I guess this is such a pervasive problem that the "experts" have come up with a list of things to help you cope with "Blue Monday". So, if you are feeling blue today, cheer up! You're not alone and after all, misery loves company, right??

Ten Ways to Beat the Blue Monday Blues
  1. Make sure you get up, get dressed, and try to look good. Don't leave off your make-up. (Just in case you were planning to lay in bed all day, naked and without your lipstick.)
  2. Make a list of those you know and how you affect their lives in positive ways. (I guess this is better than wondering how you positively affect complete strangers.)
  3. Exercise. It can change your mood. (We're going from bad to worse here.)
  4. Remember, it is "Blue Monday." You are not the only one feeling blue. (Gee, doesn't that lift your spirits?)
  5. Indulge in a gratification exercise. (No comment.)
  6. Buy a light box. (I'm off to Lowe's.)
  7. Try to be more disciplined with your bedtime. (What am I, ten years old?)
  8. Think like the Opposition Party. (My "Opposition Party" hasn't had an intelligent thought in quite a while.)
  9. Try and good book and a glass of wine. (Stay away from "Ivanhoe" and Sutter Home.)
  10. Visit Australia. It's lighter there. (Yeah, that's real doable.)

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Tamera said...

I was able to stay awake for a few minutes after the nightly news - and Jay Leno began his monologue with the Blue Monday info - he must read your blog!!!