Go Colts!!!

I admit it. I enjoy the SuperBowl. In the "old days", Jeff and I would go to a party with friends and eat and watch the game. These days, Jeff still parties while I stay home with the kids! So, tonight, Brooke is at her party, Jeff and Payton are at their party, and Sydney, Sawyer, and I are watching at home and having our own party.

Growing up with Ken Lenhart as my dad, I had no choice but to be a "Baltimore Colts" fan. So, we'll be rooting for the Colts tonight. Go Colts!!!


Beckyb said...

We are torn over here - some are happy when the Bears score, some are happy when the Colts score - guess SOMEONE will be happy when it's over!!! Me - I just love the commercials!

Adam said...

Interception return for a TD! Starting to breathe a little easier.