The Superbowl at Seven

If you ever have the opportunity to watch the Superbowl with a seven year old boy, be sure to take it. I didn't need Prince at halftime, I had a "show" for the entire game! Here are some of Sawyer's comments.
  • "Mom, there's an old grandpa who's only wearing his underwear." During a Chevy commercial.
  • "Mom, that guy's name is Booger McFarland. I'm gonna call him Booger Mc"Fart"land." This became uncontrollable giggles every single time the announcer said his name.
  • "Come on guys. He's just a heart. Give him a break!" During the AHA commercial where the guy in a heart suit was having a "heart attack".
  • "Mom, you have bad breath. You need a tasty mint." I gave him my standard reply: Bad breath is better than no breath.
  • "Adam, I can't believe you missed it." I didn't realize he was on a first-name basis with the Colts kicker.
  • "Mom, I think the Colts should be called the Horseshoes, and why do the Bears have a C on their helmets?" Good point, son.
  • "Mom, are the guys with higher numbers better than the low-number guys?" I guess it depends on the guy.
  • "Raindrops keep falling on the camera." Sung to the tune of, what else, "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head".
  • "Mom, you said we would have a party. This isn't a blast!" Next year, I'll send him with Jeff too.
Sawyer sat and watched the entire game with me. I'm just glad he didn't ask me to explain the "connectile dysfunction" commercial!



Beckyb said...

That is making me laugh because it sounded just like our house!! We even got the "Why is their a "C" on their helmets!!!" And yes, I was waiting for what is that commercial about - you know, the one you mentioned!! My boys were not sure what to think of the Snicker's commerical - sheer horror or laugh?!?!?!?

Tamera said...

the "connectile disfunction" was verrrryy funny with a 14 year old boy (who still is having fits of giggles at Booger Mc"Fart"land!). But he loves Mr. Saturday, the center, who scored a touchdown on a Sunday. Of course the 12 year old daughter (who MUST have dyslexia and thinks she's 21) spent all superbowl on IM with her friends. But we were all glad the Horseshoes won!