Will the fun NEVER end??

My heart always beats fast when the caller ID on my cell phone is the school's number. It beats even faster when I say hello and the school nurse says "Hi, Mrs. VeStrand."

Today, at 1 p.m. that's exactly what happened. Payton threw up at recess and so he had to be picked up from school. (Of course, because it's so cold, they were inside for recess. But, Payton did manage to make it to the corner of the gymnasium. I'm sure the custodian appreciated that!) I had an appointment at 1:30, so Jeff had to pack up and go get Payton. Needless to say, that was pretty much the end of a productive afternoon for him.

Payton seems to be fine. I think he ate too fast and then went to recess and ran relay races with his friends. BUT, the school nurse doesn't see it that way, something about a "24-hour rule" so he will be home again tomorrow.

Never a dull moment at the VeStrands........

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Beckyb said...

Sorry to hear that - I can still hear echoes of wretching over here!!! Yes, it's a TON of fun!!! Glad he seems fine though.