I spoke too soon

Well, Payton was feeling better Thursday evening, but by Friday morning at 3 a.m., his fever was up to 104 and he was miserable. Yesterday, he laid on our bed and watched TV all day. He didn't want to sit up to eat, and he crawled to the bathroom. He has consumed record amounts of Gatorade and sherbet.

This morning his fever was down a bit but he is still feeling miserable. He missed his basketball game this morning, and his big Superbowl party debut tomorrow night is questionable at this point too. Poor guy! Still hoping he keeps this to himself. Ummm......like, what are the chances of that???


stephanie said...

GET WELL QUICK Payton! we want you at the Superbowl party!

Beckyb said...

Oh gosh Jen - sounds EXACTLY like what we have and our dr. said 5-6 days to run its course!! UGH!! Hang in there and hope he feels better soon!

Adam said...

The boy in that picture actually looks like Payton. Feel better,
Buddy. Go Colts!