Parents of the Year......NOT

  • Brooke is klutzy. (Notice we didn't name her Grace.)
  • Brooke has NO tolerance for pain. (She has already written her future childbirth plan, which has the words "general anesthesia" stamped all over it in red ink.)
  • Brooke tends toward hypochondria. ("Tends" is a kind word.)
All that said--we blew it.

Two weeks ago, Brooke decided to enjoy our icy winter wonderland and go sledding. This began as a questionable decision given the above disclaimer and the fact that Brooke was home alone when said sledding occurred. (I guess it didn't occur to her that she could have kissed a gravestone and laid out there in the cold and ice for hours without anyone having a clue.)

Somehow, although (surprise, surprise) she has absolutely no idea HOW, Brooke managed to injure the pinkie finger on her left hand. Admittedly, we didn't give it a whole lot of thought or attention. It was swollen and a little bruised so, good parents that we are, we pumped her full of Advil and taped her fingers together with some cool blue medical tape.

Last week, still in pain, she went to the school nurse for some more Advil. After looking at Brooke's finger, the nurse recommended that she get an x-ray; she thought it was broken. Once again, we didn't give it a whole lot of thought or attention.

Last night, since her finger was still swollen and bruised, Jeff and I decided we should probably heed the advice of the actual medical professional and take Brooke to the doctor. So, armed with a good book and my iPod, we headed to the urgent care center.

Thankfully, we walked in just as the x-ray tech was leaving for the night. She took Brooke back for an x-ray and five minutes later she was standing in front of me whispering, "Mrs. VeStrand, I'm really not supposed to be telling you this, but your daughter has a bad fracture. I know there's a long wait here tonight but you really need to stay and see the doctor. Don't leave!" (And she wasn't kidding. The middle bone on Brooke's finger is completely broken and bent painfully to the right.)

So for the next two hours (and probably the next 20 years), I was taken on the guilt trip of a lifetime. I don't think Brooke will ever let us forget this one. She sees the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. Here's hoping we didn't let it go too long so that it's started to heal and will have to be rebroken and all that other fun stuff. I'll keep you posted...........


Tamera said...

Do you remember the story of my broken leg - long before I met you, but ... School Nurse: "Mrs. Cribbs, Tamera fell in PE and has a knot on her shin." Kitty: "Just give her an aspirin and put ice on it." THREE HOURS LATER (still in nurse's office). School Nurse: "Mrs. Cribbs, I think you should come and get Tamera, her leg has swollen so much it has broken the skin!!" (yes, it was broken)

Needless to say, she won the Mother of the Year Award that year =) and I remind her of it OFTEN!!

Beckyb said...

Don't be too hard on yourself - it's like when you go to get the kids new shoes and their old ones are THREE sizes too small - how does that happen?!??!? Hey, I'd say she's a toughie - she can handle childbirth!!!

Sandy said...

Oh, Jen...we've been there before, too. I know the guilt VERY well! Guess what? It won't be the last time :)